Leaders of the group hope to increase mental health awareness in churches across Canada

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, a group has started up in Immanuel Pentacostal Church that is meant to provide support to people with mental health issues. The group, called “Living Room”, meets every other week and allows participants to openly discuss their faith and the struggle of dealing with mental health issues. Read the full article here on ChristianWeek.

With 3D printing becoming cheaper and more efficient, more people can utilize the benefits of this revolutionary new technology.

Canadian missionaries travelled to Uganda this year to test out a new process for making the sockets which prosthetic limbs make use of. Using 3D printing technology the time and cost of the process has been greatly reduced, making prosthetic limbs more accessible to these Ugandan children with disabilities. Read more about what Mitch Wilkie and team are doing in this article from ChristianWeek.

Homelessness is an often overlooked issue, but Ron Eldridge plans to change that

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, a man named Ron Eldridge, who has spent years homeless, is trying to raise awareness for the homeless. In the cold of the winter, many homeless are forced to hide in buildings but can get in trouble for doing so, as beds in shelters are constantly packed. Devoted to You is an organization started by Eldridge to help raise homelessness awareness and get help for those who need it. Read more about what Ron is doing to help in this article by Steven Sukkau.

Lotifa, mother of four, got education and help from World Renew while pregnant.

World Renew is a Christian organization that has been helping Bangladeshi families by providing access to education focusing on maternal and child health. Many Bangladeshi families have little to no access to health care which leads to many preventable deaths. Read more about what World Renew is doing in this article by Julienne Isaacs.


Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital recently did a study on people with a high sense of purpose in their lives.

A new study that was done by Mount Sinai St. Luke’s and Mount Sinai Roosevelt has shown that people with a high sense of purpose in their lives may have a lower chance of developing heart disease, having a stroke, or death. This secular article really ties in with SCA’s new GPS Life Journey program, brought to Canada from the USA recently by SCA. The GPS program is focused on helping individuals find God’s purpose for their lives, read more about it here on the SCA website!

"There are still over 4000 languages with no translation of the bible" says GRN

“There are still over 4000 languages with no translation of the bible” says GRN

Even though technology is making the Gospel more accessible to people around the world, many small groups of people still have no translation of the Bible in their native language. Global Recordings (GRN) is an organization that has been translating the Good News for 75 years. Read more about them and what they’re doing here.

Providence University College students taking a non-profit management class are using crowdfunding to help a village in Uganda

When Pastor Godfrey Byaruhanga, who lives near Kampala, Uganda, heard that a refugee settlement near him was having issues with firewood supply he took it upon himself to find a solution. However, solutions cost money, and when a group of students heard about his issue and decided to help him in any way they could. Read the full article by Allison Barron here.


At a recent workshop I was participating in, we were asked the subject question and then given some time to thing about it. Here are the three things that I came up with that bother me the most at this time:

1. The apparent denial and unpreparedness of the North American Church for what is ahead for the Body of Christ.

2. The apparent “faith of convenience” that many of us seem to follow in North America where being a church goer, for the most part, is a “social behavior”.

3. Failing to see the value of doing what we can to save one ‘starfish’ as a result of feeling defeated because we cannot save them all.

Those are the things on my mind. Hopefully you can see the link to Missions. You can argue with any or all of them. But more importantly, why not comment on what you would identify as things you would like to change if you could fix anything.

Submitted by Ken Godevenos, Toronto.

Leprosy, a mostly forgotten disease, still plagues people that suffer from extreme poverty.

This article by Rebecca Collett serves as a reminder that leprosy isn’t a thing of the past, but is a real threat to people living in extreme poverty. effect:hope is an organization that looks to “cure and end leprosy” and does so by breaking down cultural walls that prevent people with leprosy from getting the help that they need. Read more about their story here, in an article from August of 2014.