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Youth in a high school located in Montreal, Quebec are benefiting from programs put on by Christian Direction staff

Christian Direction, an organization whose vision is “to see God transform urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians” was asked to put together a couple of lunchtime programs at École de Chomedey-de-Maisonneuve, a high school in Montreal, Quebec. The school had been seeing academic and social issues in the student body and was looking for a way to make a positive change in the environment for everyone. Samuel Augustin, a staff member of Christian Direction, launched the project near the end of 2014, which consisted of a variety of activities from sports to teaching entrepreneurship and self-image sessions. By the end of the 10-week program they had reached out to 240 different kids in the school, 60 of which were regulars.

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Many older schools in developing countries are in need of repair or infrastructure upgrades that require experienced engineers to design them.

A Bible school in Thondwe, Malawi is getting an upgrade thanks to Engineering Ministries International Canada (EMIC). EMIC is an organization that brings designers and engineers to developing countries to use their talents for those in need, which is exactly what the Namikango Campus requires. Winnipeg architect Richard Derksen and 11 others recently went to the campus to design a master plan for the refurbishment.  The team was inspired by the warmness of the people, despite the circumstances that they live in every day.

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