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Leaders of the group hope to increase mental health awareness in churches across Canada

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, a group has started up in Immanuel Pentacostal Church that is meant to provide support to people with mental health issues. The group, called “Living Room”, meets every other week and allows participants to openly discuss their faith and the struggle of dealing with mental health issues. Read the full article here on ChristianWeek.

With 3D printing becoming cheaper and more efficient, more people can utilize the benefits of this revolutionary new technology.

Canadian missionaries travelled to Uganda this year to test out a new process for making the sockets which prosthetic limbs make use of. Using 3D printing technology the time and cost of the process has been greatly reduced, making prosthetic limbs more accessible to these Ugandan children with disabilities. Read more about what Mitch Wilkie and team are doing in this article from ChristianWeek.