Children in Ukraine receive Bibles and blankets from missionaries

Children in Ukraine receive Bibles and blankets from missionaries

Music Mission Ukraine Canada is an organization run by Wes Janzen, former music professor at Trinity Western, and his wife, Kimberly. The organization exists to spread stories of God’s grace through music to internally displaced people around Ukraine. They also provide food, medicine and Bibles to families in need, and are able to do this through the generosity of Canadians. To read more about Music Mission Ukraine Canada, visit their website at

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Take the daily opportunities to share God’s Word and change a life

Take the daily opportunities to share God’s Word and change a life

In this post by Ryan Rempel on, Ryan recounts a story of when he felt God had nudged him to do something small, praying for a stranger on the street. You can read the whole article here. This story is a good example of how seemingly small, insignificant moments in our lives can be turned into a way to minister to others and spread the Christian message of salvation to those who we might not normally reach out to. We are all missionaries of Christ in the world around us, so let your light shine and follow what you think might be nudges from God, you just don’t know what He might do with you!


The government only intervenes when children are being abused or neglected, but many families who need help are still able to take care of their children, if just barely.

Safe Families Canada is an organization that provides families in need with a safe place for their children while their parents get back on their feet. To do this, Safe Families uses Christian volunteers who willingly open up their homes to the children in need and facilitates the connection between the two families. The program has been established in over 30 states, and the Canadian branch currently operates in the GTA, but wish to expand to London, Winnipeg, and Moncton. Getting involved is easy, as people only need to volunteer at local sites and arrange for the program to be started in their local church.


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Youth in a high school located in Montreal, Quebec are benefiting from programs put on by Christian Direction staff

Christian Direction, an organization whose vision is “to see God transform urban communities by the concerted actions of committed Christians” was asked to put together a couple of lunchtime programs at École de Chomedey-de-Maisonneuve, a high school in Montreal, Quebec. The school had been seeing academic and social issues in the student body and was looking for a way to make a positive change in the environment for everyone. Samuel Augustin, a staff member of Christian Direction, launched the project near the end of 2014, which consisted of a variety of activities from sports to teaching entrepreneurship and self-image sessions. By the end of the 10-week program they had reached out to 240 different kids in the school, 60 of which were regulars.

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You can read the full article on ChristianWeek here.

Many older schools in developing countries are in need of repair or infrastructure upgrades that require experienced engineers to design them.

A Bible school in Thondwe, Malawi is getting an upgrade thanks to Engineering Ministries International Canada (EMIC). EMIC is an organization that brings designers and engineers to developing countries to use their talents for those in need, which is exactly what the Namikango Campus requires. Winnipeg architect Richard Derksen and 11 others recently went to the campus to design a master plan for the refurbishment.  The team was inspired by the warmness of the people, despite the circumstances that they live in every day.

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Tae Kwon Do master Dean Siminoff fundraises using his martial arts skills

Dean Siminoff, a Tae Kwon Do master from Nelson, BC has been holding board-breaking fundraisers for the last couple years to raise money for International Justice Mission (IJM) Canada. IJM is an organization that fights human slavery and the sex trade across the world, which is a cause that Siminoff is passionate about. In 2014, $16,000 was raised for IJM by seven schools in British Columbia through the “Breaking Boards, Breaking Chains” fundraiser.

Siminoff’s passion for helping those in need brought him to use his God-given talents in a way that could benefit others. His creativity will hopefully inspire many others to use their talents to help others that need it, raising funds for missions around the world.

LeaderImpact is a Canadian organization that connects with business leaders and teaches them how to share their faith and testimony.

“There are precious few organizations around the world working to reach business leaders with the gospel,” LeaderImpact’s International Director Ron Carrothers explains. “But we’ve really seen it takes a business leader to reach a leader.” LeaderImpact is an organization dedicated to connecting with business leaders and showing them how leadership is a God-given gift that can be used to share faith. To learn more about LeaderImpact visit their website at To read this article, written by Steven Sukkau, click here.

Leading Influence has started providing chaplaincy services for elected officials

Founded in 2006, Leading Influence is an organization that seeks to provide chaplaincy services to elected officials in our government. Functioning as a relation-based ministry with no political agenda, Leading Influence focuses on sharing the love of Jesus with those who may not normally be very receptive. Tim Schindel, the president of Leading Influence, says that “the stress the comes along with being responsible for everything” is “pretty intense”.

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Terry Thiessen and Alan Campbell lead weekly Teen Challenge meetings for incarcerated young people with addiction problems.

You’ve probably heard of Teen Challenge, a Christ-centered discipleship program that helps people struggling with addiction problems, but did you know that they are going to prisons to help struggling people now? In an effort to reach out to many more people, this new program is meant to provide hope to every addict. You can learn  more about Teen Challenge at, and an article on here.

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